Knowing the Signs

Before anybody comes for me understand that this is my personal interpretation of the horoscope signs based on my experiences. Please do not feel offended if I say something that you don’t like about your sign. This is all in good fun, Mkay? Cool 🙂

Also, I am not an expert in astrology. I just have a strong interest and I observe people and their behaviors very well. So, here we go!

Capricon ♑️ – Dec. 22- Jan. 19, The mountain goat. (🌏 earth sign.)

Very disciplined/responsible, well-grounded, genuinely nice and strong people. They work great under pressure so they usually make the best leaders and managers. They really know how to get shit done and that’s why I like them.

Negatives: I believe they can be a bit of controlling know-it-alls which sometimes make them bossy.

Aquarius ♒️ – Jan. 20- Feb. 18, The man who carries water. (💨 air sign)

Some of my favorite people! I know everyone thinks they’re mean (yes, they can be) but their tempers are usually short-lived and they can move on quick. They are energetic and adventurous, they hate being in boring/dull situations.

When an Aquarius says that they don’t need you, believe them, cause they don’t. They’re very independent people. They always tell it like it is, they keep shit real and they definitely know how to have fun.

Negatives: One thing I do hate is that they lack emotional expression. My mom is an Aquarius and I’ve never seen her cry, like ever!

Pisces ♓️ – Feb. 19- March 20. The fish. ( 💦 water sign)

Unlike Aquarius, Pisces are definitely in-touch with their emotions and very expressive about them. They really respect openness. They’re compassionate, gentle, honest, easy to get along with, creative and romantic. My moon sign is in Pisces so I can relate to them very well.

Moon sign= represents your emotional + physical nature, describes your unconscious, instinctive reactions.

Negatives: They can be a little too trusting- naive.

Aries ♈️ – March. 21- Apr. 19. The ram. ( 🔥 fire sign)

Super humorous, probably the funniest people ever and they love to talk, they have good drive and energy. Super active and dynamic. Never a dull moment.

Did I mention they’re chatty?

Negatives: Very short tempered – the absolute worse temper tantrums I’ve ever seen, impulsive, egotistical, impatient and competitive.

Taurus ♉️ – April. 20- May. 20. The bull. ( 🌏 earth sign)

They can seem very unapproachable at first (mostly the females) but they actually turn out to have nice personalities once they decide to open up to you.

Taurus are brave, laidback/chill, persistent, loving, protective and very private people.

Negatives: They’re too closed off, some need to feel secure and validated all the time, picky, dominating, uncompromising and some tend to lie a lot.

Gemini ♊️ – May. 21- June 20. The Twins. (💨 air sign)

Thoughtful, very eccentric, magnetic as hell and can fit in anywhere, in any social setting. They’re natural communicators, spontaneous and know how to get what they want. True go-getters. Always down for whatever.

Negatives: They can be loud, messy and inconsistent, you never know what you’re gunna get with them (hence, the double personality thing). Some can be very tense and serious too.

Cancer ♋️ – June. 21- July. 22. The crab. ( 💦 water sign)

Some of the best people ever! I know so many of them; my dad, grandparents, my stepfather and more. (I’m the cancer-whisperer at this point, haha). They’re hands down the most dedicated, hardest working people I’ve ever met. Just like Capricons, they know how to get shit done and they usually always have their shit together. They’re the ones with the house, the car and the job.

Super caring, loving, very sympathetic, they will literally do anything for the people they love. They’re patient, forgiving, great conversationalists, great sense of humors, family oriented, resourceful and logical thinkers.

Negatives: Way too damn sensitive. I discovered that the ones born at the end of June tends to be the overly sensitive ones. Also, they can be manipulative, and they’re not into taking many risks.

Leo ♌️ – July. 23-Aug. 22. The lion. ( 🔥 fire sign)

Very passionate people, warm-hearted, goal oriented, ambitious, goofy, fierce, bold, fun and sincere. They’re very sensual, they exude confidence and really big on respect and loyalty. Their personalities can light up any room. My rising sign is in Leo.

Rising sign= The outer you. How you are perceived + your attitude. Also, the person you are becoming/aspiring to be more like.

Negatives: Arrogant, dramatic, materialistic, attention-seekers. They can be aggressive, confrontational and too prideful – they run from anything that makes them feel vulnerable or weak which is annoying as hell when trying to get close to them.

Virgo ♍️ – Aug. 23- Sept. 22. The maiden. ( earth 🌏 sign)

Reliable, nurturing, well organized, smart, kind, loyal, practical, the best listeners, conservative, and observant, you can’t get shit over on them.

Negatives: They’re overachievers so they will rarely ever ask for help even when they really need it. Worrisome, fussy, skeptical about everything, judgmental and overly critical of themselves/others.

Libra ♎️ – Sept. 23- Oct. 22. The scales. (💨 air sign)

I was born on September 29th, 1993!! Libra is my sun sign.

Sun sign= Your zodiac personality. The inner, most truest you.

Libra represents balance. Like, why wouldn’t you want a Libra in your life? 😉 Okay, okay, let me stay on track here.

Libras are social butterflies, fair minded, free spirited, romantic, charming, peaceful, the kindest people you’ll ever meet, artistic, empathetic, known as the problem solvers- diplomatic types, we’re really big on justice and equality, we make great lovers as we are deeply connected to our sexuality.

Mental stimuli and intellect is very important or you will lose our interest real fast. We can literally get along with anyone as it’s easy for us to find the goodness in people.

Negatives: I hate that we’re sooo damn indecisive, only cause we rely so much on mental + visual stimuli to make our decisions. We can be stubborn, once we make our minds up there’s absolutely no changing it. We’re moody sometimes but people would never know from our calm demeanors, we don’t handle criticism very well, we’re defensive but we always try to avoid confrontation even when it’s needed.

Scorpio ♏️ – Oct. 23- Nov. 21. The scorpion. ( 💦 water sign)

Very sexual beings. They are super affectionate, loyal, magnetic, funny, talkative, entertaining, quick witted and can make the best of friends/ride or die types. Friendship is very important to them, usually always have a big circle of friends.

Negatives: highly obsessive, controlling, jealous and violent tendencies.

Sagittarius ♐️ – Nov. 22- Dec. 21. The centaur. ( 🔥 fire sign)

Friendly, generous, open-minded, highly curious and fun folks. They’re playful and very optimistic. Always seem to be in good spirits.

Negatives: impatient and a bit superficial.

Whew, we’ve finally reached the end.

Ha! I hope you all enjoyed this nice long post.

Till next time.