I Tested Positive for COVID-19

Hello diary readers, I just wanted to keep you all updated on what’s been going on with me health-wise.

I know everyone doesn’t follow me on IG and Facebook so I thought I’d write something quick on here.

On January 17th 2021, I decided to get tested for COVID because I had become very sick the week prior. Starting with vomiting, muscle aches, extreme fatigue, night sweats, nasal congestion, and a runny nose. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell on January 15th, which made me very worried. I thought I just had a common cold but I’ve never lost two of my senses before so that prompt me to get tested. January 15th through the 17th, were the worst days of my symptoms. Luckily, I already had January 18th off of work due to MLK Jr. Day being recognized as a national paid holiday now.

So, in the early morning hours of January 19th, I received a text from the CVS Minute Clinic I went to that my results were ready and they were indeed positive. Of course I had to contact my manager and my employer’s occupational health department. I also received calls from MD COVID Contact Tracing Center & my local health department to answer questions and get a possible ‘return to work’ date. Since then, I’ve been instructed to self-isolate in my room/house for the next couple of days till I’m no longer symptomatic. Also, I have to increase my water intake, get plenty of rest, and take ‘cold and flu’ medicine.

As of today: January 21st, my symptoms are: fatigue and a headache. I’m starting to be able to smell a little bit. My sense of taste is still off but I was happy to be able to taste an Orange the other day. I really miss tasting my favorite foods!

Home Remedies

I can’t wait to feel 100% better and I know I will in due time!

Be back soon,

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