I Logged & Decoded My Dreams for a Month and These Were the Results

Dreams are our mind’s way of sorting through the stresses and anxieties of our conscious life. Prior to this experiment, I had no idea how powerful the unconscious mind could really be. I was always curious about why we forgot our dreams as soon as we wake up, but other times we are able to remember them clearly.

So one day, I randomly got the idea to write down as many dreams as I could remember within a month + the time that I wake up in the middle of the night (if I happened to look at the clock). Whenever I do wake up in the middle of the night, it’s usually to use the bathroom, quench my dry ass throat, plug my phone into its charger, put in my retainers (if I forgot), and/or turn the TV off if I didn’t put my sleep timer on before I crashed. To decode my dreams, I mostly used The Illustrated Dream Dictionary and Auntyflo.com. Here’s how the experiment went:

Dream Log Night #1 | February 6th, 2021 | Time: 2:24am.

The first dream I had this night/early a.m. included me running and hiding from someone familiar (I couldn’t see a face). I also tried to build a barrier out of books to hide myself from them. Of course it didn’t work. The chaser was giving very much “Here’s, Johnny!!” creep vibes. They seemed to be chasing me in a playful manner but I was not playing, I was terrified for my life.

  • Interpretation: Running in a dream means you are trying to escape from a tricky situation in real life. You may also be feeling depressed. Hiding in a dream means you are regretting a scheme or decision involving your career, personal life, etc. The dream is trying to tell you to not be secretive and to find someone to confide in. Building a fence or a wall means you feel restricted from personal growth, there is some sort of barrier or obstacle in your way. You need to set emotional and relationship boundaries.

The second dream this night involved me having super powers such as super strength and hella fast speed. I was also immortal.

  • Interpretation: Having super strength may reflect shocking or unexpected displays of skill or power. This could represent your feelings of being confident or empowered about your abilities more than usual. Immortality represents having supremacy over your competition, and winning. A reminder that you are unstoppable.

The third dream in this nights dream log was someone I love running away from me and me chasing behind them. I’m not clearly sure who the person was that I was chasing but I know I had strong feelings for them and it was upsetting me that I couldn’t catch them lol.

  • Interpretation: Someone you love running away from you indicates money woes. You are worrying about money. Chasing someone indicates an unresolved desire or attachment to a person or situation that you are unable to obtain. Also, you are fearing your actions. Spiritually, the dream is trying to tell you to push forward in life.
Dream Log Night #2 | February 7th, 2021 | Time: Unknown.

I dreamt that a house exploded, but I was not hurt. I was able to get out just in the knick of time but other people inside were hurt and most likely died, but I don’t know who they were. The house was not mine or one that I recognized.

  • Interpretation: Explosions in dreams signify repressed emotions, thoughts and words suddenly being released via anger or passion. Explosions destroy but they can also lead to new construction or growth. Witnessing an explosion at a distance suggests that the actions or words of others will have a destructive impact on your life. You may face the censure of your boss or someone that has power over you. Fortunately, this negative impact will be short-lived.
Dream Log Night #3 | February 9th/10th, 2021 | Time: Unknown.

This night I had a dream that I was related to/cousins with Will Smith. Me and Will were talking but I don’t remember exactly what was said but it seemed like an encouraging and light-hearted conversation. I felt a sense of understanding and love. It was strictly platonic.

  • Interpretation: A dream about celebrities can reflect our own desire for attention and admiration. You are facing some intimacy issues in real life and there is not equal balance between the people in your life and this needs to be addressed. Express your needs. You may be feeling envious of some of the people around you. You feel inadequate and someone else always seems to be out-shinning you. Remember that you cannot always be perfect. It’s OK to sometimes give others the recognition they deserve.
Dream Log Night #4 | February 11th, 2021 | Time: Unknown

I dreamt about being at work, which is my least favorite place to be but also the place that I’m at the most. I saw my real coworkers and we were mostly sitting at our desks, talking. Note: I’m not very fond of all my co-workers and of course those were the ones that I saw in my dream. Work dreams are pretty reoccurring for me. I’ve probably dreamt about being at work 3 times within this experiment. I always see myself doing some of the same daily tasks I do at work in my waking life. March 5th 2021, was a very stressful day at work for me (in real life) and that same night I had a dream about work, again. It’s like I can’t escape and it’s really taking a toll.

  • Interpretation: Work-related dreams are linked to job stress. You need to work through the things that stress you out. Learn more about what you want, resolve lingering issues. Put together insights on how to make your own relationship with your job healthier. Special appearances by your real coworkers may relate to aspects of your individual relationship with that person. If you see your office or workspace, it signifies you are overwhelmed to the point where it is infringing on your personal life. Sitting at your desk can be a symbol of self-exploration and inner discovery.
Dream Log Night #5 | February 17th, 2021 | Time: Unknown.

I dreamt that my current acrylic full-set red nails got smeared and started melting off. Note: I had just gotten my nails done two days prior on Monday the 15th.

  • Interpretation: To dream about fingernails represents thoughts and feelings about your self-worth, confidence, accomplishments, and self-image. The condition of your nails reflect how positive or negative you feel about yourself. Nail polish rubbing off means you had a lot of hope for something that hasn’t come to fruition, you’re striving too much for perfection, and you have an insecurity of some aspect. You may be required to make a change you aren’t prepared for. If the nail polish was smeared, you may be rushing into something and it might be time to stop and think before you make your final decision. Having false nails in your dream symbolizes that all your efforts will be soon evaluated. Red nails indicates you could be expecting the temptation of passion and erotic wishes in waking life.
Dream Log Night #6 | February 19th, 2021 | Time: Unknown.

In this dream, I saw an ex-boyfriend of mine. Note: I don’t think about, talk to, or want back any of my ex’s in waking life so this was very odd and I don’t think I stayed in this dream too long.

  • Interpretation: Dreaming about an ex-partner can be associated with possible emotional baggage in waking life. Do you have doubts about your current relationship? maybe you are worried about being alone. From a spiritual perspective, this could indicate that your ex is still thinking about you. This is commonly transferred in the dream state.

Whichever ex is thinking about me, please stop. Thanks – Management.

The next dream I had this night/a.m. was about me, my current crush/lover and our son. Note: I don’t have any kids in my waking life. This is also a reoccurring dream for me, and it feels so real at times. I sometimes become so sad when I wake up and realize there’s no actual baby. I get super emotional because it’s like I can feel the overwhelming sense of unconditional love from my baby and my need to protect them. Have you ever cried in your dream and realized you were consciously crying in your sleep too? It’s such an astral projecting, out-of-body experience.

  • Interpretation: This dream indicates you want to be loved more. This is a desire-related dream and it promises great things in the relationship as long as you work hard, it can foretell a happy and stress-free lifestyle. The dream is encouraging you to make a move. Perhaps you are destined to be with them. Confess your love and establish a stronger relationship. To dream that you are a parent (even though you’re not one in waking life) means you aspire to have a happy family life. Positive changes are afoot. Sons are a good omen, a symbol of love, honor, and glory. A good obedient son in a dream means your hopes and dreams will come true. A long awaited opportunity will happen, a new successful project, or a new relationship is on the horizon.

Next, I dreamt about being at church with my family- my grandma, one of my cousins, and my aunts. I saw the same pastor and members from the church I attend in my waking life. I’m not even a big church goer. But, I have been wanting to find a therapist and a spiritual mentor for a long time now.

  • Interpretation: This dream can symbolize your own system of beliefs, values and your faith in real life. It represents your need to find a spiritual guide and can also mean that you have many doubts about your religious beliefs. Seeing a pastor in your dream, means God is trying to tell you to be careful and wise. Are you feeling guilty about something? Seeking guidance?. Being inside a church is your desire to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The fourth dream was a dream about being in one of my old childhood homes. I felt scared and unsafe in this home during the dream which I found interesting because I felt the same way in that home in my waking life when I was growing up. I lived at 2792 1/2 Tivoly Avenue in an old Baltimore townhome, similar to the ones below. The neighborhood and the condition of the homes really changed for the worst over the years (the entire neighborhood has since been demolished). I guess this one could be categorized as a night terror dream.

  • Interpretation: An indication that you are holding onto the past. You desire a new start in life but are unsure about the current place in your life. This dream can also symbolize childish, immature behaviors. You need to control your emotions and stop holding yourself back.

The final dream in this nights dream log was about vampires. I, myself was the queen vampire. I felt a sense of authority and aggression. I’m pretty sure I snapped someone’s neck for disobeying me in the dream. I also got really emotional as I was writing down this dreams interpretation. Realizing the truth was difficult.

  • Interpretation: Vampire-related dreams often reflect inner fears and insecurities. Something is haunting you. Maybe you did something you are not proud of and it haunts you in the form of a blood-sucking being. A vampire represents negativities that happened to you in the past. It’s an aspect of your personality that is parasitic and selfishly feeds off of others. This symbolizes a person or situation that drains you of your time, energy, or resources- material or emotional parasitism. A bad influence of sorts. Either your own selfish need to use others or your projection of other people that are feeding off of you. An indication that you are too dependent upon something and need to seek independence.
Dream Log Night #7 | February 22nd, 2021 | Time: Unknown.

I dreamt about being back in high school and wandering the halls with old classmates. In these dreams, I find myself searching for a certain classroom but never being able to find the right one. High school dreams are reoccurring as well.

  • Interpretation: A sign that you have missed an opportunity in life. You could’ve passed up on a job offer, haven’t made much progress, or being hindered by certain things in your life. Wandering around and not being able to find a classroom in your dream means something in your life is missing. Think about your goals and how you can learn to reach them. Focus your attention, change your strategy, work smarter, or maybe you need to change your environment. High school is an important part in your life because this is where you formed your identity, gained social skills, learned significant life lessons and grew up. Work-life is similar to high-school life because they are riddled with the same type of drama- cliques, petty competitions, and performance grading. You may be facing a lot of criticism right now in your waking life. School symbolizes learning lessons, try taking on new challenges and learn new skills.
Dream Log Night # 8 | March 1st, 2021 | Time: 3:08am.

I dreamt of me playing the electric guitar on stage and everyone in the crowd was cheering me on. I did a loud, beautiful guitar riff. According to Wikipedia, a riff is a repeated chord progression, pattern, or melody, often played by rhythmic instruments. The riff is the base of the musical composition. An electric guitar is one of my favorite instruments in waking life and I still desire to learn how to play some day.

  • Interpretation: Seeing musical instruments is a wonderful omen. Playing a musical instrument is connected to being “emotionally high” (mild euphoria). A sign that you are on the right path in life. You’re becoming more self-aware or more aware of people and things around you. Music represents attunement, growth, the beat and rhythm of waking life. The type of music reveals your current mental state. Note: it was rock music in my dream. A guitar symbolizes strong desires and emotions. You could be under the influence of strong emotions associated with sex and affection. You’re a courageous person, who’s not afraid to express your emotions. A guitar also symbolizes “strings attached”/ commitment. On the negative side, loud/noisy music can mean you are feeling overwhelmed by other peoples emotions and opinions. Note: two nights prior, I had spent time with someone I haven’t seen in a long time. Did they spark this emotional high in my unconscious mind?

Next, I dreamt that I was an actress on set and was being filmed for a movie. Of course it was a drama film.

  • Interpretation: If you see yourself acting on set it could suggest that you are constantly trying to impress others. Pay attention to your own feelings and needs. Live your life, free yourself.

Also, there were 2-3 times that I randomly woke up around 3am- The Witching Hour. The Witching Hour is between 3 and 4am. During this hour, the barrier between the physical and spiritual realm is the thinnest which allows guides, angels, spirits, and ancestors/family members who have passed to seamlessly travel between the two worlds and whisper in your ear, causing you to awake. It’s a sign of awakening and realignment. Your guides are trying to give you a message, offer their support, and/or help you to expand your consciousness. It’s a blessing and a call to manifest and co-create. On February 25th, 2021, I woke up exactly at 3:33am.

My spirit guides getting ready to hop the barrier at 2:59am..

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and will definitely continue to log and decode my dreams. I now have a dedicated dream journal. I feel way more inspired to take action in my waking life now that I see the areas that need improvement. It’s like my mind and my heart are both writing me little sticky notes as I sleep, and it’s up to me to do something about it when I’m conscious before the messages get lost forever in dream space.

love always,

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  1. I absolutely loved reading this – it was a really good and unique idea to share your dream records and interpret them. It actually taught me a lot about my own dreams I’ve been having recently too.
    Aah I would love to see this again!

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