Last Days of Lukewarm Girl Summer

We are in the last 3 weeks of summer, and I honestly don’t feel any type of way about it.

Pretty much nothing went as planned this summer, but it be like that sometimes lol. Here’s to my last monthly favorites post of the summer before we head into Autumn.


I finally finished The Originals, I was a kind of upset about the way it ended and went on a little rant about it on my twitter.

Wife Swap is now re-airing on Hulu. Wife Swap was a show I once enjoyed years ago and it’s funny watching it over again. The episode with the hippie liberal family wife-swapping with the gun-toting republicans was a hot mess, and would have been very controversial if that episode aired in 2021 instead of the early 2000s.

I’m currently binging season 5 of Queen Sugar. I STAN Darla & Ralph Angel’s relationship. Season 10 of American Horror Story has dropped on FX/Hulu and the current season of Motherland: Fort Salem is about to come to an end. So, in the entertainment area this month, I am pretty satisfied.

// T.V. Shows

  1. Nine Perfect Strangers. Very interesting choice of cast members and Nicole Kidman’s fake Russian accent is disturbing but other than that, it’s a decent show. I need to be at somebody’s tranquil retreat.
  2. Secrets of The Morgue. You know I’m a true crime junkie and this is right up my alley. I love that this show brings in archeologists and medical examiners to solve cases.
  3. The Demi Lovato Show. I randomly came across this on the Roku channel. The episodes are super short but it’s a sit down talk show where Demi interviews people. I love her strength and beauty.
  4. We Got Love: Teyana & Iman. Cuteness overload! I love Teyana and Iman as a couple. Their daughter Junie is so talented, vibrant and sassy, I just love it. She’s going to be a star.

// Movies

  1. Really Love. Seeing black love is always refreshing and instills so much hope in me.
  2. Beckett. A wild edge-of-your-seat adventure.
  3. The Suicide Squad. I don’t care what the haters say, I liked this movie. It was fun and entertaining. It wasn’t really predictable at all. I loved the huge twist in the beginning. I’m a huge Harley Quinn/Margot Robbie fan too. The first movie was still better though.
  4. Vacation Friends. I watched this movie simply for Lil Rel and Yvonne Orji. It was decent and had it’s funny moments.
  5. He’s All That. I can’t believe I actually enjoyed this cheesy TV-14 rom com. It kept me engaged the whole time and made me chuckle a bit, it was real cute. I guess it has a lot to do with me liking the 1999 version- She’s All That. The directors understood the assignment by bringing back some of the original characters and even some of the same music.

I want to give an honorable mention to the movie: Sweet Girl. I saw the vision but it fell flat for me towards the end. Honestly, it was kinda dumb. I did not like the plot twist nor did I really understand the whole concept of the corrupted pharmaceutical company but to each it’s own. At least Jason Momoa was nice to look at for 90 minutes.

// Music

We’re all still patiently waiting for Chloe Bailey to release her ‘Have Mercy’ single, I’ve had it pre-saved for a month now. Kanye West’s- Donda album is out but since it’s the end of the month, I won’t have a chance to really listen to it till next month. Aaliyah’s music was finally released on streaming services- hooray!

NAO, The Weeknd, Rico Nasty, JoJo, Kendrick Lamar, and Kirby has new singles out. I’m excited for NAO, Sevyn Streeter, and James Blake’s new albums that are due to release in September. I recently got put onto PinkPantheress, she has an interesting sound.

Also, I’m doing a free month trial of Tidal Music and comparing it to the other music streaming services that I use. Contemplating if I should review it.

Favorite Albums of the Month:

  1. Nas- King’s Disease II.
  2. Dvsn & Ty Dolla Sign- Cheers to the best memories.
  3. Wiz Kid- Made in Lagos (Deluxe).
  4. Trippie Redd- Trip at Knight.
  5. Amaria- Bittersweet (EP).

And I’m still very much obsessed with Isaiah Rashad’s ‘The house is burning’ album, and would love to see him in concert. Super sad the Silver Spring, MD show is sold out!

// Podcast Episodes

// Books

I read this book years ago and decided to re-read it since I haven’t found anything new to read yet. It’s about how the sufferings of childhood can shape, and misshape the life of the adult and so much more. Toni Morrison is a fantastic author.

Beauty Haul/Re-Stocks

As soon as I restocked this mask, I immediately threw out the cheap fragranced masks that I was using as a replacement. I only want all natural and acne-fighting ingredients in my masks from here on out.

CeraVe Body Wash

I’m still battling “bacne” aka back acne, and decided to give this new body wash by CeraVe a try because of the salicylic acid ingredient and it’s fragrance free. Can’t tell if it’s working yet. I may need a stronger benzoyl peroxide foam wash instead.

Pretty as a Peach

Restocked on one of my favorite Bath and Body Works lotions although I got it from off Amazon. It still smells exactly how I remembered it. I’ll be collecting all my favorites soon. This is the only time I’ll allow fragrance in my body care products and I don’t apply it on my back or face. A detailed and updated skin/body care routine is coming soon!

I don’t have links to these nail polishes because I actually went into the Walmart store to buy them. On the right, the ‘Sally Hansen- Advanced Hard as Nails’ is a clear polish that strengthens your nails. The ‘Salon Perfect’ polish is a long-wear, acrylic strength professional nail lacquer in the color- Clean Slate. Which is nude but has a grey tone to it.

// New Skincare Item: Soft Handheld Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush.

So before anyone quotes me, on my skin care routine post last year, I stated that all you need to wash your face with is your hands and I take that back, to an extent. Sometimes your face needs a deeper clean that your hands cannot provide alone. My face was becoming really congested and I needed something to really get down in there!

The bristles on this face scrubber is so surprisingly gentle and non-irritating. The package came with 3 colorful pairs- pink, blue, and grey. I’d highly recommended you to add this to your skin care routine right neow.

Fashion Haul

// Sleeveless Bodycon Ruched Short Dress w/ Side Drawstring – $29.99-$30.99

These dresses are so comfortable and flattering to my natural body shape. The beige was a little “too flattering” cause it really shows every curve, even my belly which I’m a little self conscious of. So I went back and got the black one since black is a little more slimming and chic. I was very nervous about buying clothes from Amazon cause we all know it can be a hit or miss. But, I am satisfied with this purchase. These dresses are great for a night out or even a brunch. Dress it up or dress it down.

Life Updates

// Check the expiration dates on your skin care products!!!. I went through and threw away damn near all my skin care products that have expired or were irritating my skin. I had an acne flare up a week ago out of nowhere and I’m still not sure what really caused it. Diet (been stress-eating M&Ms like crazy, stress, using the wrong products, etc. But I’m going back to see my Dermatologist real soon and want to start getting regular facials.

//I went to Karma Fest with my cousin in Havre De Grace, MD on 08-01-21. I didn’t get any pics or good videos cause it was cold and rainy most of the day. We did yoga in the park, had a belly dancing lesson, and enjoyed some really good island cuisine. I’m mad af that I didn’t get a picture of my food.

//I went to see a comedy show at Magooby’s Joke House in Timonium, MD on 08-06-21. We saw the comedian and social media sensation- Renny. It was a good time, he was funny and handsome. The establishment itself needs a little help.

//I got knotless braids installed on 08-07-21. I haven’t had braids since Summer of 2019. I got them medium-sized and waist length. I love swinging them around and being able to get up and go in the morning.

//My son aka my Yorkie- Ace, turned 7 years old on 08-24-21. They grow up so fast! My little crazy ass Virgo.

//I just finished a 7-day social media detox 08-22-21 to 08-29-2021 and will share all about it on a separate post.

That’s all for now,

xoxo Gossip Girl

love always,

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