05 | ‘Dear White People’ Season 4: Quick Review & Rant

“What was the reason?!” was the question me and most people had after watching this 4th and final season.

First of all, who was in charge of hair and makeup this season? Cause I wanna fight. I hated Reggie’s loc wig and Lionel’s pube bush on his chin.

I felt like the series could’ve just ended after season 3. Disappointed would be an understatement. Going into the 4th season, I had absolutely no idea that the entire season would be turned into a musical. Yes, random outbreaks of songs and dancing- very cringe. I’m already not a huge fan of musicals. So if I wanted to watch Glee, I would have. And it was definitely giving Glee vibes.

But I can’t lie, that “Rub You The Right Way” song was actually pretty lit. And Lionel and Michael’s duet. Reggie tap dancing at the gun range? No ma’am, I’ll pass.

The whole season consisted of Lionel refusing to embrace his sexuality, Sam being a bad friend, Reggie’s PTSD issues, Joelle being a perfectionist, Troy dealing with mommy issues and erectile dysfunction?, and Coco on a random reality show. The directors should’ve just stuck with the storylines from the previous seasons.

The 4th season opened with them being many years into the future and continued with them reflecting on their senior year of college. By the way their hair and makeup were done, it looked like they were middle age. Maybe late 40s? Sam’s future self even had grey hairs so I was kinda confused on what age she was supposed to be exactly.

I would’ve been satisfied with the season picking up on them actually being IN their senior year of college rather than them being old already and just having flashbacks of everything.

What happened with whole ‘The Order’ mystery?

Where’s Kelsey?

What was the point of Iesha’s character than to be annoying and rebel against everything and everybody the whole time?

So many open-ended questions. They really missed the mark with this one. All the racial and social justice issues that they raised were quickly overshadowed by the dancing and singing.

And such a predictable active shooter ending. I knew Reggies character would be involved in it somehow, but I’m glad no one was killed or hurt in the end.

The only really funny part was Brooke and her Beyoncé comment.

Dear White People directors- we need a do-over! Cause this season could’ve been left in the drafts.

In conclusion, I will honestly miss this cast of people and am grateful for the good THREE seasons that they gave us. Season 4 wasn’t horrible but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

love always,

5 responses to “05 | ‘Dear White People’ Season 4: Quick Review & Rant”

  1. I hate to be that guy but I’m right there with you. I tapped out after like the fourth episode. DWP is one of my favorite shows but efforts like this new season is insulting. I don’t know if anyone of the cast could even really sing but it was distracting. They never followed up on the order storyline. As a black man whoever was in charge of anything black men hair related on that set should be fired and have their license revoked. Completely disappointed.

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