10 | My Weirdest Obsessions

Shh, let’s keep this between us.

My Weirdest Obsessions

The smell of gasoline. I know it’s toxic but getting a quick whiff is worth the risk for me (YOLO). I think gas smells heavenly. I’m not on that “My Strange Addiction” level obsessed, so no need for an intervention. I only inhale it when I’m actually at the gas station.

The feeling of cleaning my ears with a Q-Tip. Another item that’s bad for you, apparently. I’ve been told by different doctors that they don’t recommend anyone to use Q-Tip’s to clean their ears because they can clog your ears, they might cause damage if they go in too deep, blah blah blah. But why are they still being sold?! And why does it feel soooo good?!

Popping bubble wrap. According to Wonderopolis.org, popping bubble wrap is so satisfying because it helps to relax muscle tension, stress, and anxiety especially when you’re in a situation where you’re dealing with lack of movement like at work or school. It can also increase a persons ability to pay attention and retain information. Unfortunately, I don’t get too many packages with bubble wrap anymore. It’s always the boring empty air bags.

Eating ice. That crushed hospital ice?? Yes Lord! Munching on ice is therapeutic in a way. I haven’t ate any in a long time, my teeth do not like super cold drinks and lots of ice anymore.

The pain of getting a tattoo. I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline rush but I love the pain of a new tattoo. Tattoos over piercings any day!

Candles. I love buying and smelling candles. Resisting the urge to go into Bath and Body Works when I’m at the mall is an extreme sport. Burning candles are so soothing and I love adding them to my self-care routine for ultimate relaxation or just because.

Stationery. I’m very obsessed with collecting pens, highlighters, paper, cute notebooks, note pads, sticky notes, journals, planner books, etc. Whenever I’m in a retail store like Walmart, Target, Michaels, even the Dollar Store- I’m going right to the stationery aisle and buying something I don’t need.

– Chap stick. I be applying chap stick when my lips don’t even feel dry. I feel like it’s become a force of habit. I’m picky about what kind of chap stick I use and I also even use several ones at a time. I’ll keep one in my purse, one on my nightstand, and one at work or in the car. The feeling of applying the chap stick all over my lips and sometimes tasting the flavor is what gets me. Nothing wrong with soft kissable lips 24/7 right?

Pulling my hair out (trichotillomania). When someone has the urge to excessively pull at their hair, it’s an indication of severe anxiety. Similar to the need to fidget like excessively clicking a pen, shaking your leg, etc. When I’m having a hard time focusing on something I tend to pick at and pull out the hairs at the back of my head/nape, and it’s difficult for me to stop. I don’t pull out chunks but small strands at a time. For example, when I’m struggling to write an important essay and there’s a deadline to meet. This usually happens when my natural hair is not in a protective style. So I’d literally have to sit on my hands or wrap my hair up with a scarf to stop myself. Getting an under-cut a couple months ago also helped me stop since there was no hair there to pull out. Since then, my hair has grown back but I have to learn to resist!

If I can think of any more/new obsessions I may come back and update this post sometime but that’s all for now.

love always,

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