I Logged & Decoded My Dreams (Again) for a Month and These Were the Results

Hi there, before you continue reading this post>>> please take some time to read part one: I Logged and Decoded My Dreams for a Month and These were the Results that I did back in March 2021 so that you may get the gist of what I’m talking about. Keeping a record of your dreams is a way you can check in with yourself mentally and find the areas in your life that need attention. Your subconscious mind is very powerful.

I really enjoyed doing the first one so I logged and decoded a couple more dreams that I’ve had over the past 3 months. Honestly, my dreams have been very sporadic which is why the dream log dates are so out of sorts but I hope you enjoy!

Dream Log Night #1 | 08-21-21.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Dream

My mom poisoned me by giving me a small packet of a white powdery substance. I opened the packet, smelled it, and began eating it. I didn’t get sick or die in the dream though.

The feelings I had in the dream were: weary, sad, but oddly content. I felt very trusting of my mother despite her giving me poison. We weren’t arguing in the dream or anything. It really be your own parents *shaking my head*.

Let’s keep in mind that this log night was during a full moon appearance.


To see poison in a dream refers to comfort which will be reached at the end of difficulties, starting to save money by getting rid of debts, the increase of your money, and having positive thoughts by forgetting bad thoughts (dreaminterpretation.co)

To see of eating or drinking poison or you get poisoned in your dream represents that you will fix your financial condition by giving up your habits and spending's for a while. You shouldn’t repeat your old extravagancy in the next days (dreaminterpretation.

My Thoughts

Before researching the interpretation, I thought I would have to sleep with one eye open if my mother was around. Did she have some bad blood with me or what? haha. But it was really enlightening to know what this dream really meant.

This interpretation gave me so much hope because I’m currently on my debt-free journey and of course it hasn’t been easy. I’ve learned some hard but necessary lessons over the years. Improving my financial condition is my main focus right now and knowing that I’m going to be free one day soon feels amazing.

I saw it as a sign to grind harder and that I’m on the right path. I’m completely invested in finding ways to increase my income, budgeting, saving, etc. My mom has been my biggest support system on my journey so I wonder if that’s why she was the one giving me the poison.

Dream Log Night #2 | Sometime in August 2021.

The Dream

Instead of seeing myself pregnant in the dream, I saw a pregnant dog instead. But not just any dog, it was my Yorkshire Terrier- Ace, who happens to be a MALE so I don’t even know how that would even be possible. But anything goes in the dreamscape huh?

The feelings I had in the dream were amused and shocked. Ace was as calm and happy as he always is.


A Yorkshire terrier featured in the dream is an indicator that you need to move forward in life without having to harbor any fear because you have everything you need to have to be successful. Make sure that you know what you want and have the confidence that you can have it. You need to gather the courage and face life head-on without having to sit on the sideline. You need to commit to your goals, and you will be successful (auntyflo.com).

A Yorkshire terrier in your dream is a reminder that, you can do anything that you set your eyes on. Once you make a commitment, your passion becomes your driving force (auntyflo.com).

Happy people sometimes see dreams about pregnant dogs. Traditional dream books predict unexpected profit, harmonious relations in your family if the dog was calm and pleased in your dream (checkmydream.com)

An ordinary dog symbolizes a faithful friend, while a pregnant one represents a wealthy and abundant life (checkmydream.com).

If a young woman saw such dream – she will have a generous admirer; (checkmydream.com)

My Thoughts

Self-doubt and feeling stuck has been eating at me for some time so I felt a little emotional reading this dreams interpretations but I do feel encouraged. There’s been times where I’ve set certain goals and dreams for myself and I’d never follow through on them out of fear and lack of resources or help. It’s a big reminder that I need to start committing to them if I ever want to be successful in life. A ‘Wealthy and abundant life’ is my dream!

The generous admirer part? I’m still waiting on that one.

Dream Log Night #3 | 10-01-21.

The rapper Pop Smoke, whose posthumous debut album was released July 3, 2020.

The Dream

If you read My first dream log post, you know that I had a similar dream about Will Smith which was interpreted as feeling envious, being outshined, etc. But this time it was about Pop Smoke. A rapper that tragically was murdered last year in beginning/height of his career.

In the dream, I remember being on his tour bus, meeting him, talking to him, and trying to warn him about his forthcoming death. I already knew he was going to be killed before it happened. I felt feelings of intense worry, frustration (cause he wasn’t taking me serious in the dream), and sorrow.


The dream suggests a lack of happiness in your life. You are lacking originality and control over where your life is taking. Dream about a dead celebrity is a hint for personal development. Something from your past is still impacting your present situation. You are trying to enjoy life live it to the fullest. This dream is a message for heart and issues of the heart. You need to go out into the larger world and experience life. A hint for personal development (dreamsopedia.com). 

To dream that you are warning someone suggests that you need to recognize the dangers or negatives of some situation. You need to bring this to the surface (auntyflo.com).

To dream of warning signs means that you have to be cautious and careful in your life. Warning signs must be taken seriously (auntyflo.com).

My Thoughts

Although I liked Pop Smoke’s music, I was pretty confused about why he specifically would be in my dreams out of all the celebrities out there especially being as though he passed away. I didn’t know him personally so why was I so set on trying to warn him and change the outcome of his fate?.

This dream was certainly a message for the issues of the heart. It’s a reminder for me to take control, work on personal development, live life to the fullest, and be happy. Also, it’s a warning to be mindful of the company I keep and the situations I may get myself into. It’s ironic that Pop Smoke’s death was due to him allegedly being set up by a friend, and it just so happens that this dream’s interpretation is about recognizing the dangers of some situation, wow.

Dream Log Night #4: 10-28-21.

The Dream

I almost deleted this one from the log cause it was embarrasing. Basically I crapped my pants on a public transportation bus and I was around people that I knew from my school years. The bus was taking forever to come to a stop and I couldn’t hold it anymore. My feelings in the dream were: embarrassment (obviously), anxious, impatient, and my stomach had a pain.


When one dreams of pooping their pants while at school is representative of their fear in life (auntyflo.com).

When one poops in their pants because they weren’t able to get to a restroom in time or the restroom is crowded, this represents the uncontrolled urges of the dreamer (auntyflo.co).

When one dreams of pooping in their pants while in a car before being able to stop and pull over, this is representative of the helplessness one feels in relation to change or control especially in matters of travel (auntyflo.com).

This dream will surface when the dreamer is in a new scenario or a period of time in which they feel as though they are completely out of sorts. Maybe you have not been feeling well lately? (auntyflo.com).

Hermit-like tendencies in everyday life (auntyflo.com).

My Thoughts

This interpretation was spot on cause I haven’t been feeling my best lately at all. I feel like I’m on the outside looking in at myself at times. I’m having intense urges to travel, to be in a new space, and to be in a loving fulfilling relationship. When there are so many obstacles in my way it’s hard to not feel helpless.

Dream Log Night #5: 11-06-21.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Dream

I had another work-related dream. This time instead of actually being at work, me and a few of my current coworkers were at my grandmothers house. I have no idea why we were there, it was the most confusing dream I’ve ever had. Plus it was very short. We weren’t doing anything, we were just there existing together in the house. In the dream, I do remember packing up things in boxes and preparing to leave them behind. I don’t remember feeling any emotions just heaviness in the air and then relief.


To notice co-workers in your dream suggests that you have a professional relationship that needs hard work. A coworker dream can highlight your dissatisfaction with your job and are linked to stress. Do you want to give up and look for an alternative job? It could also denote that you are in danger of being let go at your place of work and thus your fears have resulted in such a dream (auntyflo.com).

Another reason that one would have this particular dream is that you could be working to hard! Are you constantly thinking about work even when you are at home?(auntyflo.com). A situation where you are surrounded by a crowd of co-workers during your dream shows that you take your work seriously. It implies that you are always careful with your actions and words. The key message is to make sure that you don’t upset any of your coworkers in the near future.

You have a desire to lead. Even though ambition is important, it is necessary that you remain wise and not let your plans for the future turn negatively (auntyflo.com).

My Thoughts

I don’t understand why I seem to have dreams about coworkers that I’m the least close to or the ones that I don’t really communicate with on a daily basis in waking life. I’m very familiar with work-related dreams because they are an indication that my work/life balance is screwed up, I’m working myself too hard, and that my work stress is starting to interfere with my personal life again. Me preparing to leave my coworkers behind in the dream was a huge sign.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

The Dream

Also another short dream- I remember wandering around and then two unknown guys appeared out of no where. My wrists were bound and they were trying to put a brown paper bag over my head, how cliché! I remember feeling trapped but fearless in the dream like I was about to fight them off but then I woke up.


If you become a victim of a kidnapping in a dream, this indicates that in the waking life you have great fears and doubts, which can feel like shackles. To be held by someone in a dream, that illustrates the feeling of powerlessness. This kidnapping dream wants to warn you against submitting yourself too much. You can and should stand up for your wishes and needs more. How is your dream going? Can you escape? Escaping kidnapping in a dream means, you have to overcome obstacles but get a grip on your life (angelnumber.org). 

My Thoughts

I personally feel like this dream is telling me that I’m playing things too safe. I’m too comfortable with being obedient and submissive. I’m holding myself back from what I want. Being as though I didn’t feel scared in the dream makes me feel like I can get myself out of any situation and that I’m very much capable of taking control and being dominant. It’s a lot to take in. I’m ultimately feeling restricted in my freedom.

My Final, Final Thoughts

I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of these dreams are representative of how out of whack my life feels right now. My life is more out of control than I thought. My subconscious mind is literally screaming at me for help. My dreams are a reflection of my fears but at least I know what areas I need to work on.

On the positive side, the poison dream gave me hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for my financial condition. And the pregnant dog dream was comforting to know that I have everything I need within me to become successful, I just have to start believing it. My passion IS my driving force.

That’s all for now. Have you had any wild dreams lately? I’d love to know. Let’s chat!

Till next time,

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