Page 365: The Last Day of the Year


//T.V. Shows

  1. Harlem (click to watch). I believe this show was created by one of the creators for ‘Insecure’ and I can definitely see the similarities. I think Harlem is a cool show but it’s just not on Insecure’s level, at least not yet. But I love seeing black women in leading roles, in comedy, in love, and all about their business/careers.
  2. The Sex Lives of College Girls (click to watch). This show really surprised me. At first, I was really turned off by the title, but I promise as soon as you hit play on the first episode, you’re going to be hooked too. I like the diversity, the conversations, it’s funny, and they touch on very important issues in a creative way.
  3. Insecure- Season 5 (click to watch). I’m still not over the fact that we won’t be getting anymore new episodes of Insecure. The series finale aired on Sunday December 26th, 2021, and I was not ready. I was very emotional. This show was one of my absolute favorites, there’s so much I could say but honestly, it would take over this whole entire post. I’ve never felt so connected to a show before. I really related to Issa the most, especially during these last 2 seasons dealing with the “Lawrence + Condola + Baby” situation.
  4. Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer (click to watch). I love a good crime mystery. This one focuses on Richard Cottingham- The Times Square Killer. I had no idea Times Square used to be porno land.
  5. Selling Tampa (click to watch). This is not your ‘Real Housewives of…” type of reality show, these ladies are getting their own coins in the Real Estate industry. Big BOSS energy!

//Movies & Documentaries

  1. The Whole Truth (click to watch). A very strange thai horror movie.
  2. Music Box: Juice Wrld: Into the Abyss (click to watch). This was a huge eye opener and I hope this documentary encourages people to seek mental health services and to stop glorifying and using drugs. Juice Wrld was extremely talented, and he should be alive right now.
  3. 137 Shots (click to watch). I wish this documentary came with a trigger warning because it made me really upset, I was shaking.
  4. Spiderman: No Way Home (only in theaters). Toby Maguire’s spider man is the only one I acknowledge! I was super confused for the first half of this movie, but it turned out to be really good. I had to see what the hype was about, and I liked it a lot! I went to see it on Christmas night and got a great discount on tickets.
  5. The Matrix: Resurrections (click to watch). This movie got a lot of hate, and I can’t lie, the first hour of the movie bored me and I fell asleep on it and had to rewatch it again the next day. But before watching the new Matrix movie, I went back to binge watch the last 3 Matrix movies and I’m glad I did that. The Matrix: Resurrections was good but definitely not the best, there was many things I didn’t like, and I was left with more questions than answers. I’m okay with the way it ended though.
  6. Nocturnal Animal- 2016 (click to watch). It’s funny how Tik Tok made me watch this movie by accident and I ended up really liking it. The opening scene was…interesting.
  7. Midsommar-2019 (click to watch). This movie mind f- – -ed me in ways I didn’t know I could be f- – -ed. It felt like being on a really long acid trip. And I’ve never even done acid. It’s dark, twisted, and traumatic but it worked.
  8. Death to 2021 (click to watch). A comical take on the biggest headlines of the year.
  9. Coming Home in the Dark (click to watch). Another dark and twisted movie. I’ve clearly been into the psychological thrillers this month.


Jazmine Sullivan’s concert tickets for ‘The Heaux Tales’ tour have come n’ gone (aka they sold tf out), and I’m sad I missed out. Cause I’ll be damned if I pay for those resell tickets.

Music I’m excited for in 2022: Khruangbin & Leon Bridges- ‘B-Side’ album, Amber Mark’s full-length album, and hopefully a new album from my man- Brent Faiyaz. I’m also looking forward to going to more concerts and festivals again (God willing).

Favorite New Albums of the Month:

  1. Rick Ross- Richer Than Ever (listen now).
  2. Chief Keef- 4NEM (listen now).

Songs I’ve Been Loving This Month:

//Podcast Episodes

What I Got for Christmas

I am very simple to shop for for Christmas. If you don’t know what to get me, you can’t go wrong with getting me cash and gift cards to my favorite places. Did I mention cash? But I especially love when someone hears me talking about something that I want, and then they end up surprising me with it as a gift. It is the thought that counts.

What I got for Christmas:

  • Clothing- PJ’s, socks, undergarments, a sweater, a comfy cardigan, a scarf and gloves.
  • Gift Cards- Dunkin Donuts, Bath and Body Works, Shell, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Visa gift card.
  • Smell Goods- Candles, homemade soaps, and incense.
  • Beauty- Homemade chap sticks and Mary Kay lip colors (my grandma is an ambassador for Mary Kay).
  • Other- Surgical face masks, money, bracelets, and a clothing rack.
  • Technology- JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker and a paper shredder machine.


Blackwall Hitch- Baltimore: The Chesapeake Flatbread.

I went to Blackwall Hitch in downtown Baltimore for my jobs Christmas luncheon last week. The Chesapeake flatbread that I ordered came with crab meat, shrimp, chicken, tomatoes, cheese, basil oil, and crab seasoning.

Oouu it was so good, I wanted to slap somebody.

Life Updates & Reflections

// Just when we thought things might be getting better, here comes Omarion entering the chat. Literally everyone is getting sick very rapidly at the same time and that’s not okay. Working in healthcare during this time has been increasingly stressful and hazardous.

//2021 Reflections: I spent the first half of the year still trying to put the pieces back together from 2020. 2020 was the year that broke me. I was down BAD financially (as was most of the world). I was facing repo, the IRS was on my ass, I went to court for the first time, etc. I really felt like I owed everyone money last year and it made me realize how much capitalism controls the world. Anyways, I got Covid in January 2021 and then I got really sick again around my birthday in September 2021. I made a not-so-good career move in June 2021, I’m feeling burnt out and stressed out, my hormonal acne is worse than it’s ever been, I’m heavier than I’ve ever been (which is fine cause I like getting thicker than a snicker lol) but the unwanted fat got to go.

On a more positive note, I started loving my natural hair and wearing it out more. I actually cut off the sides and the back of my hair back in January 2021 and I had no regrets. By December 2021, my hair grew out and I made the decision to loc my hair and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself (more detailed post coming soon). I ate some delicious meals, spent time with some of my favorite people in the world, I went to my 10-year high school reunion and reconnected with my high school bestie, I did a social media cleanse, I reached new success with my blog, I had a great Christmas with my family, I’m getting closer to having a debt free lifestyle. And I also did some wild things like tatting the side of my face (it’s a small, dainty tattoo but it was still bold). 2021 was a rollercoaster for sure!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Have fun and please be safe out there.

Till next time,

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