How I Brung in The New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

The first weekend of the year has been very productive for me. I feel so inspired and excited to tackle my goals! I haven’t felt this optimistic in a while.

//On New Year’s Eve night, I decided to go with my grandma to church. I haven’t been to church in a very long time so it was good seeing some familiar faces there. The service was only an hour long which was perfect for me. After service, we had “dinner” in the reception area next door. We ate black eyed peas and collard greens that were so delicious! We got there at 7pm, was out by 8pm, and I was back home by 8:30pm.

//New Year’s Day was spent planning, cleaning, and organizing. But first, I went to Target to buy a new 2022 planner. I decided to try out the Waav Planner- $15.99 (Click to Purchase) and so far I love it. Their planners are small, compatible, made from recyclable materials, sustainably sourced paper, and soy based ink. Also, their planners have 12 months of guided content and extra note pages. I especially love the sections where you can write out your yearly goals, seasonal goals, self-care reminders, and your bucket list for the year.

bullet journal on the left, planner on the right.

I started a bullet journal as well. Mostly for documenting my finances (which I also got in order over the weekend). It’s very important for everyone to know where they are standing financially, where your money is going to, when your bills are due, etc.

Later in the day, I made plans to only clean my bathroom, which I did but somehow I ended up cleaning my entire space too. I literally cleaned for four hours straight. It felt so good getting rid of old things. I was able to organize and declutter so much stuff. All I needed was a good-smelling candle burning and a bomb music playlist to set the vibe and keep me going. My back and legs are paying for it now. Then, I did some bedtime yoga to end the night.

//On Sunday The 2nd: I began making a 2022 vision board using Canva Pro, and I will be saving it as my wallpaper when I’m done. I rested, did some more planning, cleansed my crystals (it was a full moon), watched some TV, did a little online shopping (putting them gift cards to use already), journaled, and read a book.

Also, I’ve begun the habit of writing 3 things I’m grateful for every day and I hope I can keep this up throughout the year.

Word of the year:

In 2021, I slept. In 2022, we ride out at dawn! 😈

Till next time,

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