Lucky Daye’s ‘Candydrip’ Tour | Concert Review

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Lucky Daye in concert on Saturday April 16th, 2022. I truly felt like it was my lucky day (pun intended). Me and one of my best gal pals went to the Silver Spring, MD show at the Fillmore. Shoutout to my girlfriend for scoring presale tickets for us. When she asked me to go, I did not hesitate to accept.

The weather this day was warm and sunny but it rained off and on. DC was very lively, everybody was outside. First, we went to grab something to eat and drink at Ben’s Next Door before heading to the venue. Then, we pregamed some more. Drinking Dusse and Casamigos in the same night is crazy lol.

For parking, we parked in a garage right down the street from the venue. Parking was free on weekends or it might’ve been discounted but I’m not too sure.

We stood waiting in line for a while. There was a delay with the doors not opening on time, but I didn’t care as long as we got in eventually. Before getting in line though, we had a little situation with our tickets but the girls at the box office helped us out in a nice and timely manner. By the way, this was a sold out show. Doors finally opened a little after 8:30pm or probably closer to 9:00pm I think. I’m glad doors opened when they did because it had just started drizzling again. Spirit must’ve told me to wear a head wrap that night for a reason.

Word of advice for general admission/standing rooms only- go to the bathroom as soon as you get in the venue or sometime before the headliner comes on cause you’re not getting your spot back in the crowd. Speaking of crowd, it was very crowded. We got a spot at the front but towards the side of the stage. I felt very claustrophobic cause we were all piled up against each other, it was very much too close for comfort. I get annoyed fast when people are crowding my space. If you thought you were going to have space to dance around at that venue, think again!

At around 9:00pm, Joyce Wrice performed as the opening act; she was cute and all, but I was ready to see Lucky Daye. But no seriously, Joyce Wrice sounded pretty good. I haven’t listened to her songs in a while prior to the concert so I had to get familiar again.

Her single ‘Iced Tea’ is pretty popular right now and got the crowd going. She came back out later on to perform her single ‘Falling in Love’ with Lucky Daye and I was so happy they did that. If you remembered in my Tyler the Creator concert review, I said it would’ve been nice if Kali Uchis or Teezo Touchdown came out to perform the songs their featured on with Tyler cause that’s what makes the concert experience even better.

Lucky Daye came on at 10:00pm, of course we were all screaming and gushing over him like heathens. He wore a really fly outfit, haircut on point, his band was on point, vocals were unmatched, everything was great. Eventually he ended up taking his shirt off- whew lord. He sung all his most popular songs, there’s not one song of his that I don’t like. Nothing but hits! He sounds so good live.

‘Over’, ‘Shoulda’, and ‘Candydrip’ were my top favorite song performances. But the biggest surprise of the night came during his ‘Love You Too Much’ performance. Jazmine Sullivan came out and he started singing to her! Everybody lost their minds. What a moment it was to witness- all the feels, the chemistry…you had to be there. She sung a little bit of ‘Lions, tigers, and bears’. Two of my favorite Grammy award winning artist on stage together like that was magical.

The concert ended approximately at 11:30pm. Time goes by way too fast when you’re having a good time, but I’m grateful I captured the memories to look back on. One thing about these concerts, if the artist don’t start on time, you can best believe they gonna end the show on time though, ha-ha. You can check out my ‘Events’ highlight on Instagram for more clips from the concert.

That’s all for now, take care.

Featured image: Variance Magazine

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