America is in shambles

I’m pretty sure the entire world has heard about the recent mass shootings that have been happening (“again”) in Amerikkka America recently. There’s even been one in my own city of Baltimore, this is a crisis!! I’m honestly so embarrassed to say I’m American, we are down bad right now. If I had it my way…

I would leave the states immediately, that would be a big dream of mine. I can’t even fathom raising a child in this country knowing that I could send them off to school and they may never return, if crooked cops don’t get to ’em first. Not to mention, there’s a shortage on milk but yet we’re expected to give up control over our bodies and continue to reproduce. The gas ain’t gassing like it used to but the prices are higher than ever. One-bedroom apartments will soon be $2,000 but the housing/real estate market sucks ass. Our politicians and congress or whatever you want to call them- are absolutely incompetent and careless. Exactly where has “thoughts and prayers” gotten us so far? We desperately need action!

I am so exhausted. WE as Americans are exhausted.

Please take great care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Our communities, our world needs more love.

On a personal individual note, more social media breaks are especially needed during this time so please take them. Focus more on what’s important to you and let go of the trivial things. I myself am also looking for ways to help the victims of these shootings, continuing to educate myself, and looking for petitions and various ways I can help light a fire under congress ass.

This was a completely random unplanned post, but it was weighing on my heart today.

-unknown source.

Till next time,

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