The first 6 months of 2022 had some serious hands

but I will prevail.

Life Update

June 2022 has been one of the hardest months of my life. I know God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers but I’m sick of this grandpa!! It has gotten to the point where I feel like I’m under a spiritual attack and I need to seek a therapist forreal.

But at least the month started off promising…

//June 4th~ I went hiking for the first time and that was a lot of fun (hiking posts coming soon). It felt good to connect with nature, clear my mind, and get in a good walk. We went early in the morning to beat the heat and it worked. It didn’t start warming up till the end of our hike. That shower felt amazing when I got back home.

//June 8th~ I got my nose pierced. I went to the Pierced Artist located inside of Towson Town Mall in Towson, MD. I had the best piercing experience with Batman (my piercer’s nickname). Batman was very knowledgeable and friendly. He made me feel super comfortable. I did bleed some cause my adrenaline was rushing, and I tensed up. My piercing is healing beautifully now. I can’t wait to go back for more! The piercing + the white gold nose stud + cleaning solution came up to $135.00 in total.

//June 9th~ Found a new nail tech. Don’t ask me who it is cause I’m gatekeeping for now, ha-ha. I want to make sure I really like him before I recommend him. But he did a great job on my full set with designs. French tips are my favorite, so I just added a little twist. Inspired by orange Sherbert ice-cream.

//SKIN GLOWING & LOCS FLOURISHING. My locs turned 7 months on June 24th!

//June 19th to June 28th~ I celebrated the birthdays of two very important people in my life- my dad and stepfather. In addition to celebrating Father’s Day in the same month. It was a lot of pressure to make sure both felt appreciated and acknowledged but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

//June 21st~ was my one-year anniversary with my current work company and honestly, I’m not very happy in my role but I’m grateful to have my job. As an anniversary gift- I received a card, lanyard, and a water bottle with the company logo on it.

At work. Please get me outta here!!

//June 24th~ The supreme court overturned Roe vs. Wade. Like many other women, I’m having a tough time processing that. I’m hurt, sad, and simply mad as hell!

//June 25th~ I got into my first car accident. It was a scary and kinda traumatizing experience. My 2019 Honda Accord is totaled out, so I don’t have a car right now. I walked away with minor injuries but I’m so glad it wasn’t worse and that everyone else involved is okay too. God, my family, friends, my lawyer, and my car insurance company really came through for me in this situation.

Music & Podcast Episodes

(Direct link to Spotify playlist)

(Direct link to Apple Music playlist)

For the month of June (which was also pride month), I’ve really been enjoying all the club and house music vibes. Drakes ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ album and Beyoncés ‘Break My Soul’ single have been in heavy rotation. I’m glad people are finally getting hip to some feel good music and not all that angry rap music. We’re depressed enough, it’s time to live and dance a little!!

I’ve been obsessed with Jean Deaux, again. She released the deluxe version to her ‘Most Wanted’ album and I am gagging, it’s so good! ‘Ease Up’ ft. Masego was fire and she was talking her sh*t on the first song ‘Jumpin’ and ‘Streets’.

By the way, I’m in the process of creating a playlist for people who love to dance. If you appreciate dance/club and house music..this will be for you.

I can’t get over this music video. Wow, wow, wow!!

// Favorite Song Currently 🎧: ‘Call Me Every Day’ by Chris Brown ft. Wiz Kid.

Favorite new albums:

  1. Arin Ray- Hello Poison ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. (LISTEN NOW)
  2. Jean Deaux- Most Wanted (Deluxe) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. (LISTEN NOW)
  3. Drake- Honestly, Nevermind ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I took away one star because honestly, we didn’t need this many songs. (LISTEN NOW)
  4. BLK ODYSSY- BLK VINTAGE: THE REPRISE (Deluxe) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Gotta listen to this when you’re gettin’ baked but it sounds great when sober too. Deep introspection!
  5. Ambre- 3000 degrees ⭐️⭐️⭐️. (LISTEN NOW)
  6. Chris Brown- Breezy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Took away one star because a lot of the songs sound alike. (LISTEN NOW)
  7. Giveon- Give or Take ⭐️⭐️⭐️. (Is it me or is he falling off a bit? Ever since Lucky Daye took over the R&B scene, I haven’t been vibin’ with Giveons music as much). (LISTEN NOW)
  8. Harry Styles- Harry’s House ⭐️⭐️. Once I found out that most of these songs are samples of other artist songs, it took away the authenticity of the album for me. (LISTEN NOW)
  9. SZA- CTRL (Deluxe) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It feels like 2017 all over again. (LISTEN NOW)
  10. Flying Lotus feat. Devin Tracy- EP singles ‘The Room’ and ‘You Don’t Know’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Devin Tracys voice is like milk and honey. I’m really loving him right now and Flying Lotus. (LISTEN NOW)

T.V. Shows & Movies

  1. First Kill- Season One. “Falling in love is tricky for teens Juliette and Calliope: One’s a vampire, the other’s a vampire hunter — and both are ready to make their first kill.” There’s so many cringy things about this show, but did it keep me entertained? Yes, it did. Also, I’m here for the gay/queer/lesbian representation.
  2. Hustle. “When a down-on-his-luck basketball scout finds a potential superstar in Spain, he sets out to prove they both have what it takes to make it in the NBA.” Great acting performances from Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah, kudos to them.
  3. Jennifer Lopez- Halftime. “Global superstar Jennifer Lopez reflects on her multifaceted career and the pressure of life in the spotlight in this intimate documentary.” Stop playing with J. LO like she didn’t give us one of the best biographical movies of all time- SELENA. Also, she can really dance her ass off. Have you NOT seen her as a Fly Girl on ‘In Living Color’?! She deserves better. I’m not too sure about her singing abilities but she deserves more respect in the industry. I also feel like she should have had the halftime show to herself. That wasn’t fair.

Food Favorites

//I think someone buying me food is becoming a top love language for me. I got treated by my coworker to some ‘Noodles & Company’ for lunch one day. It’s so sweet when someone thinks of me and buys me stuff. I honestly can’t recall the name of this bowl on the menu, but it was tasty or maybe I was just hungry.

//Tajin chili lime & watermelon rings

My taste buds were so confused when I took the first bite. It starts off sour, spicy, and tart, and then it gets sweeter n’ sweeter with every bite. They can be found at your local snack shop, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Happy birthday to all the intuitive Cancerians out there and I hope all the Geminis enjoyed their birthdays!!

Till next time,

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