‘Legs, and Hips, and Body, Body’: Monthly Favorites | May 2022

Hi friends! I won’t hold ya’ll too long. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend, it’s officially-unofficially summertime!

Not much really happened this month. No big shopping hauls or new foods that I’m excited about, but I made a great playlist and discovered a new podcast that I really like.

I was able to support an old middle school friend by purchasing a book of hers, and I also started watching a very known and popular T.V. show. I’m about 18 seasons behind, can you guess what this ABC show is? It’s won several Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys’, and Screen Actor Guild awards.

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Check on your seasonally depressed friends

Me dropping a monthly favorites post after disappearing for most of the month 😆.


I’ve been watching more Korean and Japanese shows this month. I like to watch them in their original languages and follow along with English subtitles. I hate when foreign shows have American voiceovers, it’s distracting and I’m not able to truly feel the emotions.

I’ve become so invested in watching these shows that I’ve begun to distinguish the difference between Korean and Japanese languages. And I’ve begun to identify if a name is of Japanese or Korean origin based on the spelling and pronunciation. After Squid Game, I’ve watched Hellbound, Alice in Borderland, and My Name. All of them were absolutely amazing!

// T.V. Series

  1. Sex Education- Netflix. Eric irritated my entire being when he chose Adam over Rahim. Does anyone feel the same?
  2. Hellbound- Netflix. I thought the whole demon monster thing was a little corny at first but this show grew on me fast.
  3. Alice in Borderland- Netflix. If you liked Squid Game, you’ll definitely like this too.
  4. Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson- Hulu. Janet did not deserve to be treated like that. That wardrobe incident at the super bowl was not her fault whatsoever and I’m thankful for this documentary for bringing this back up. So, go stream her 2004 album- “Damita Jo” that got black listed after the incident and tune into her documentary premiering in January so we can finally get the full true story straight from Ms. Jackson herself.
  5. True Story- Netflix. Kevin Hart surprised me in this. He really showed his range outside of comedy. At first, I thought it was a movie but it turned out to be a series and I was not disappointed.
  6. My Name- Netflix. A Korean action-drama about a woman who seeks revenge for her fathers death. You think you know how these movies are going to end but the twists and turns are shocking.

// Movies & Films

  1. The Harder They Fall- Netflix. Hands down, the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. A great well put together cast as well. I’ve watched again and again. We really needed a bad ass black western movie that didn’t have any slavery involved.
  2. Passing- Netflix. In 1920s New York City, a Black woman finds her world upended when her life becomes intertwined with a former childhood friend who’s passing as white.
  3. King Richard- HBO Max. Based on the true story of tennis goats- Venus and Serena Williams. Very inspiring!
  4. Bruised- Netflix. It was great to see Halle Berry back on the screen. This was a pretty good movie but I wanted more from the ending.
  5. Zola- Plex TV. The movie based of a twitter thread that went viral. The actress that played Zola (Taylour Paige) is so fineee btw.

// Music

My top favorite albums of the month were:

  1. Isaiah Rashad’s ‘The House Is Burning [homies begged]’ deluxe version ft. Project Pat, Juicy J, Young Nudy, and more. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this album even more than I already did when it first came out, the deluxe was icing on the cake. This album should win a best hip hop album of the year award.
  2. Summer Walker’s ‘Still Over It’ album. Great for sliding down walls and blocking numbers.
  3. An Evening With Silk Sonic album by Bruno Mars, Anderson. Paak, and Silk Sonic finally came out and I’m loving the funky 70s vibes.
  4. The Harder They Fall (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) was a beautiful work of art.
  5. Jean Deaux is an artist I’ve been watching for some time now since 2019, she’s so underrated. Her last three projects including her recent ‘Most Wanted’ album were very good. She’s been featured on so many songs that I like, I’m glad she’s breaking out on her own now.

Honorable mention: Adele’s ’30’ album. I only liked about two songs off the new album. I think she’s beautiful and super talented but I have to really be in the mood to listen to her music. I’m sad I didn’t love this album like I thought I would but I can tell she’s been through hell and back and I’m proud of her growth and resilience. Her aura and vulnerability is unmatched, I think I like her more as a person than as an artist. The 73 Questions With Adele interview with Vogue made me like her even more.

Check out all my favorite songs that I’ve been vibin’ to this past month below:

// Podcast Episodes

// Books

I’m currently not reading anything new at the moment but, I recently ordered the new Will Smith book and it should be here in a few days (I’m getting it as a Christmas gift for my mom).


Honeypot Products.

I’ve been using the honeypot feminine products for well over a year now and I’m never going back to any other brand at this point. Although, I strongly believe they should make bigger packaging so I won’t run out of products so fast cause they are not very cheap. But at the end of the day, it’s worth chucking out the extra bucks. I started off with their normal foaming cleanser and then progressed to their pads, panty liners, feminine wipes, and tampons. I especially love that Honeypot is a black women owned business and all their products are healthy and organic. Happy vagina, happy life!


Fuzzy Bucket Hats.

Fuzzy bucket hats are a trend that I Stan. You can really do so much with styling these hats and they keep you warm at the same time. I want to start collecting every color. When I think about personal style, hats are the first accessory I think of that will make someone stand out.


Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

I don’t eat a lot of junk food but when I do, I like to turn to my childhood favorites. I haven’t had flamin’ hot cheetos in a long time and I was craving them. They oddly taste so good with chocolates too. And if you have a stuffy nose, these will help clear them nostrils out for sure.

Sweet Potato Pie.

Please don’t revoke my black card but I just recently starting liking sweet potato pie, yams, and stuffing. I never been a pie person but sweet potato pie specifically has me in a chokehold. The crust is my favorite part and I love eating it with whipped cream and ice-cream on the side.

Life Updates

// Thanksgiving 2021.

Thanksgiving was small and intimate just how it was last year. Me and my family still haven’t taken the risk of having a big family gathering due to covid. I’ve been putting off getting my booster shot but I should have it by the time this post goes live.

// Seasonal Depression.

Seasonal depression has been whooping my ass and it’s not even winter yet. It’s cold, gloomy, and it gets dark by 5:00pm now so my mood has been very blah and I’m tired 99% of the time. I haven’t really found a way to cope with my seasonal depression yet but I do know that I crave physical touch a lot more during this time (hugs, cuddles, etc.). Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Till next time,

13 | All Tricks, No Treats

Happy Halloween, guys and ghouls!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today is my 2nd favorite holiday, even though I didn’t get to celebrate the way I wanted to this year with a cool costume. I at least get to put out my monthly favorites post today, and that brings me joy too.


A lot of my favorite shows came back with new seasons this month so I was pretty ecstatic. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see new episodes of Wentworth but as soon as I saw that they were up, I dropped everything and binged the rest of the new episodes of season 8 and it was so damn good. Dear White People’s 4th and final season aired and you all know how I felt about it (My ‘Dear White People’ Quick Review & Rant.) In The Dark– season 3, and Blood and Water– season 2 was great and both left me wanting more. That’s what I love feeling after a show!

You– season 2 was as wild as I expected. I only wish “you-know-who” didn’t die at the end cause I don’t know how the storyline will continue in the next season without them. Him and Love were so toxic together, I loved it. Their love language really was: VIOLENCE. On My Block’s 4th and final season was okay, not as funny as the other seasons. I’m mad certain characters got killed off at the end. And Caesar’s “gangsta” act was indeed getting irky.

Insecure’s 5th and final season just started last Sunday and I’m not okay. I don’t want it to be over yet. I see myself in so many of Issa’s situations, the show is just so relatable, so raw, so black and affirming. One thing I won’t miss about this show is them short ass episodes. They were a tease!

*Please click on the highlighted links to read more about each show/movie and where to watch them*

T.V. Shows


  1. October Faction. Netflix kept suggesting this show on my feed so I finally gave in and watched it only to find out that it got canceled after the first season. I’m not that upset about it honestly. The effects and storyline was kind of corny anyway.
  2. The Movies that Made Us. I just want to hug whoever thought of making this show. It’s been great seeing behind-the-scenes and learning about the making of some of my favorite movies like Halloween, Alien, and Friday The 13th. I only watched season 3 but I’m definitely going back to watch 1 and 2.
  3. House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. I did a little review on this show: (read it here.). I highly doubt I’ll ever watch this again.
  4. What Happened, Brittany Murphy?. Her death still doesn’t sit right with me, I really loved her as an actress. She seemed like a genuine sweetheart.
  5. Maid. The chaotic life of a poor single mother who cleans houses for a living. She was really going through it!
  1. Halloween Kills. This movie did not disappoint! Michael was even more vicious than I’ve ever seen him. Definitely not your typical slasher movie.
  2. Till Death. Her husband is the king of petty for doing that to her haha!
  3. Night Teeth. Vampire drug bosses vs. human drug bosses. Interesting.
  4. There’s Someone Inside Your house. Ehh, it was definitely giving knock-off SCREAM vibes.
  5. Gunpowder Milkshake. I only watched it for Angela Bassett and the ass-kicking.
  6. Hypnotic. Very straight to the point thriller movie. I would have appreciated more depth and suspense.


My favorite album of the month goes to: Don Toliver’s- Life of a Don, hands down. I can’t lie though, we got off to a rough start cause I wasn’t feeling the first 2-3 songs but I came back and gave it another chance and I’m happy I did. It’s a vibe. My favorite songs on it are: ‘Get Throwed’, ‘Company pt. 2’, ‘2am’, and ‘Drugs N Hella Melodies’ ft. Kali Uchis. I also enjoyed IDK’s deluxe version to his USEE4YOURSELF album, and Wale’s- Folarin II (especially the ‘Tiffany Nikes’ single).

Also, can we talk about the hold ‘WFM‘ by: Realestk has on the TikTok and IG reels community this month?! It’s a sweet song but damn give it a rest.

Check out my latest playlist with all my current fav songs:

Podcast Episodes


I finished reading Gabrielle Union’s: We’re Going to Need More Wine, now I’m ready to purchase her second book: You Got Anything Stronger?: Stories very soon. I really enjoyed her personal stories and getting to know one of my favorite actresses. I felt like I was sitting down having a conversation with her. One of the stories was sad, but most of them were very inspiring, lighthearted, and funny. I’m also excited for Will Smith’s biography titled: “Will” dropping November 9th, 2021.

In the meantime, I have other books I need to finish including Sister Souljah’s Life After Death. I had to stop reading it because it wasn’t making any sense to me and the writing is very disturbing, which takes a lot for me to say.

Check out this full breakdown and review by: AshleyRants. She sums it up to a T.

On second thought, I might just chuck this one up as a loss and not force myself to finish.


CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser: For Normal to Oily Skin [Amazon, $7.99- Buy Here].

I just started using this so I can’t give a full review just yet but I have hope for this product while using it along with my acne creams. It gives a great lather and my skin feels nice and cleansed afterwards. Plus it’s formulated for my skin type: oily AF.

Photo courtesy of Bing.


Chai Lattes.

“A chai latte is made by mixing steamed milk with black tea that has been infused with spices. The drink is then topped with foam. According to, PerfectDailyGrind.com, the word Chai originates from the Hindu language meaning all and any tea.

“When we talk about chai in chai lattes as a specific mixture of black tea and spices, we mean masala chai. Masala chai is made by steeping black tea in water and then mixing it with sugar, ginger, and milk. However, other spices may be added, including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, or peppercorns”.

When I first ordered this drink at Dunkin Donuts, I didn’t pay much attention to what was in the ingredients. I just wanted something hot and soothing to drink since it was cold outside that particular morning. And all I can say is, I’m hooked. I can’t wait to try out recipes with different spices.

An almond chai latte recipe by: .motherthyme.com.

Life Updates

// So a few days after I got my flu shot, I got sick the first week of October and it was miserable. My Covid test was negative, thank God. This was my second time getting sick in the same year and I don’t like that for me. I’m supposed to be getting my booster soon and I’m honestly so tired of being poked with needles.

//I participated in Blogtober this month. It was very unplanned so I ran out of topics pretty quickly and it became overwhelming. I was trying to do all 31 days but nah. I’m super proud of myself nonetheless because this month was the most I’ve ever posted in one month. I got a lot of traffic and increased my weekly views. Who knows, maybe I will do Blogmas. Stay tuned in December!

//I’ve been noticing there’s a shortage of a lot of things in the stores like at the supermarkets, Walmart, Target, etc. Everything gets sold out super fast. I don’t know if people are starting to buy things in bulk, but it’s annoying. It’s getting harder to find my dogs pet food, my pro + prebiotics are currently sold out on Amazon, and gas prices are still high as fu@&.

//It’s October 31st but I’m already feeling the anxiety of Christmas shopping. I can just hear them retail stores dusting off that Mariah Carey Christmas record.

That’s all for now. I hope November treats us all well!

Till next time,