2018: A Year In Review

Hello all, Happy New Years Eve! Can you believe we made it through another year already? 2018 literally flew right past. I can’t say it’s been a bad year nor can I say it’s been great either.

My Mental Health

I have come to the realization that there’s no quick cure for depression and anxiety. I still have my mood swings but I have learned to manage my feelings more effectively. I’ve been more open and expressive and I figured out what my triggers were and a lot has to do with my surroundings/environment and generally the things I consume myself with, most specifically, social media which I’m trying to pull away from. Also, I adapted healthy coping mechanisms like journaling, music therapy (I also had sessions with a professional therapist), and allowing myself to take more mental breaks & having self care days doing things I enjoy and not letting the stress of my job follow me home anymore.

This year I got comfortable with being alone which allowed me to build a lot of confidence. Physical fitness was one of the best therapies for me. The absolute only time my mind is completely clear and stress free is when I’m working out, it’s truly the most euphoric feeling ever! For 2019 I’m looking forward to consistent physical fitness and activities like yoga, kickboxing, healthy eating choices and trying out natural alternatives to antidepressant meds like hemp & CBD oil. I’m speaking my happiness into existence!

After the storm comes a rainbow.

Bad times don’t last forever.

Through every dark night, there is a brighter day.

My Social Life: Friendships & Relationships

Over the past four years since being diagnosed with depression, I lost a lot friends. I no longer have a best-friend or a big group of friends I can turn to or depend on. It’s pretty sad but some people are just temporary and are only meant to be in your life for a moment and not a lifetime. People grow apart and that’s ok.

The real ones will always stick around but in my case it was barely anyone that did, but at the same time did I put in any effort to keep them? Nope. I still pushed them all away by isolating myself . As I’ve grown overtime and have come to understanding my mental health issues I’m now open to friendship again.

The problem now is having to re-learn how the hell to make friends again after staying to myself for so long even though I’m a natural introvert. So, consequently my social life in 2018 was pretty much nonexistent due to the fact I was so focused on improving myself and staying busy with work and school this year. But, all year I’ve been dying for more fun and adventure in my life.

There were so many events I wanted to go to but I had no one to do them all with, so I lost out on a lot of experiences. Although, I’m still open to meeting new people I’m not letting the fact that I don’t have a lot of friends hold me back from going out and doing the things I want to do. If I have to go on solo missions, so be it.

Quality over quantity is most important when it comes to the people you have in your life.

God removes to replace.

As far as relationships goes, I’m still single and have been for quite some time now. I haven’t had a real adult relationship yet and I never had any desire to just jump into a relationship out of loneliness. During my singleness, I embraced being alone, I had a lot of time to fall in love with myself and shape myself into a great woman so that the right person will gravitate to me. It took me a long time and great heartache till I discovered my worth. I know what I deserve, I will never settle for less and I know exactly what I want now.

If my next relationship comes in 2019 or after.. I promise to keep it a PRIVATE relationship (not a secret relationship – there’s a difference) And no more wasting time in situation-ships. Also, I’m not making the mistake of sharing my relationship issues with other people ever again. People will know that we’re together but they will not know about our business. Peridot!

I want someone I can grow and build with, not someone who will hold me back. I am not perfect and I don’t expect them to be perfect, but I still have my standards & values and I hope they do too. I don’t need anyone to try to fix me because I’m not broken. I just want someone to love and support me while I work through things on my own. And vice versa, I’ll be there for them every step of the way to make sure they are succeeding and being the best person they can be..in openness, in love, in respect, honesty, trust & communication.

I’m ready.

My Career: Goals & Finance

Let’s just say, my money management skills was in fucking shambles this year. I would just spend, spend, spend and no investing or saving. Pay day would be Friday and I’d be broke and looking stupid by Monday. I set goals but ended up accomplishing three out of ten this year. I procrastinated and was scared of my own potential that I did nothing.

I learned the hard way that a goal without a plan is just a dream and that’s exactly what I did this year, dreamed and wished. I take full responsibility for not being ahead in my career goals. But, no more excuses! now that I’ve wallowed in my pity it’s time to actually make some changes and get my shit together.

2019 is all about being on my way to financial freedom, new beginnings, saving, budgeting and investing. Even if I have to sacrifice not going on any vacations this year in order to get out of debt, it will be so worth it. I’m going to stop sharing my goals, instead I’m going to just start doing more and saying less.

If you’re not happy with your situation, change it.

Things I’m Leaving Behind In 2018:

  1. Uncertain relationships
  2. Fear and self doubt
  3. Procrastination
  4. Poor money management skills
  5. Negativity – I’m not arguing with nobody and letting them disrupt my peace
  6. Internet Validation – no more making comparisons
  7. Painful childhood trauma – the past cannot be changed, I can only continue to heal.

How was 2018 for you? What did you accomplish or didn’t accomplish? What are you choosing to leave behind in 2018?

Peace & blessings!

June Favorites

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. We are already half way through the year, wow! For today’s post I want to share some of my favorites from the month of June, in terms of music, entertainment, etc. Enjoy!

Music 🎶

• Everything is Love x The Carters (album)

This album came by surprise to everyone and it’s pure vibes! I’ve probably listened to it everyday since it’s been released and it’s just right for the summer time. I’m so happy they released it to Apple Music and Spotify instead of just Tidal.

“Summer”, “Apeshit” , “Boss” & “Friends” are some of my favorites. If I had to choose my absolute favorite, “Apeshit” is the one! Non-stop twerking, hehe.

• Got Friends x Miguel & Goldlink (song)

I love this collab and would love if they do an entire album together. Their voices mesh perfectly, so eargasmic.

• Scorpion x Drake (Album)

I’m not too impressed with this album as a whole.

“Mob ties” (side a) and “in my feelings” (side b) is the best songs to me. I liked the concept of having Side A & B. Side B would have to be my favorite, it really brought back that good ol’ get-you-in-your-feelings Drake music.

I still can’t believe he actually has a son out here and was able to hide it for so long (listen to “March 14”) And how about that song “Don’t matter to me” with Michael Jackson on it? Interesting.

Books & Magazines 📚

• Soar x TD Jakes

This book was more of an how to start your own business/becoming an entrepreneur book. I expected it to be more spiritually inspirational but nonetheless, it was good.

• Essence Magazine’s June 2018 “men’s” issue

First of all, can we please just take a moment to appreciate the cover photo of Michael B. Jordan! I particularly loved this issue because it talked about how guys really feel about the #metoo movement and keeping black men healthy.

I loved Terry Crew’s interview and believe he is so brave for opening up about his own sexual assault which a lot of guys are very ashamed to talk about. But, unfortunately sexual assault happens to a lot of us and it’s nice seeing a males perspective for once.

Movies 🎥

• Super Fly

This movie was a remake of the original 1972 version. Trevor Jackson starred as Preist in this new version released on June 13, 2018. I’ll admit, I didn’t have high hopes at first because I believe some movies just shouldn’t be remade or have sequels but I really enjoyed this one. It was very entertaining. This street hustler thriller had me on the edge of my seat. Did I mention how foinee Trevor Jackson is?! Good lawd!

• ‘Slasher’ on Netflix (TV Show)

My current not so guilty pleasure, my binge watching obsession. If you like murder mysteries, blood, gore and horror, need I say more?

Food 🍪

•Raspberry cheesecake cookies from Subway

I just now discovered these and so glad I did. Delicious!

Yours truly,

My Summer 2018 Bucketlist

Hey, boo’s. I’m back! I know this post is long over due (2 months and 10 days to be exact but who’s keeping count, right?) I’ve been super busy with life and stuff. I’m here now so let’s jump right into it. Since summer is right upon us, literally, I thought this would be the perfect time to create my own summer 2018 Bucketlist after being inspired by https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/ and I actually had a lot of fun creating this!

Supplies I used:

Colored pencils, sharpies, scissors, tape, pen & a pencil

I also clipped out pictures from Essence magazine using the April & May 2018 issues where I found a ton of inspo!

Here’s my finished project:

1.) Carnival

• One thing you will soon learn about me is that I love Caribbean culture, food & music (especially Soca music!) . The Baltimore/DC One Carnival is a must for me! I go just about every year since I was a kid. It’s a two-day event; July 14-15th.

• The West Indies Labor Day Parade is another popular Carnival that I never attended before but I would really like to.

•Attend the Maryland State Fair and/or York Fair

2.) Festivals

What’s summer time without the festivals?!

• Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest in National Harbor, MD Get tix here! (Lots of other locations too)

• R&B/Neo-Soul Wine Festival in Westminster, MD Get tix here!

• Chesapeake Bay Reggae Festival in Hampton, VA

• Latino Fest in Baltimore, MD

• Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, NY Get tix here!

• Dreamville Festival in NC . I loveee J.Cole and I can’t wait to see him live! Get tix here!

• Baltimore Pride parade &/or festival

• Trifecta Food Truck Festival in Timonium, MD Get tix here!

• Baltimore Artscape

• Collective Minds (House Music) Festival in Baltimore or the DMV house music fest in DC (no dates released yet but they’re both usually during Labor Day weekend)

• Carifesta DC (no date has been released yet)

3.) Parties & Events

• The hip-hop club scene isn’t really my thing. I do enjoy a nice day party, house music parties, ‘R&B only’ events or a strictly reggae/soca parties.

• My job is sending me to a seminar on how to communicate with tact and diplomacy. Should be interesting.

• My grandma will be turning the big 70 this summer, so ya know it’s gonna be a celebration!

• I donated to ‘Walking to Cure Diabetes’ which is a 2mile walk/run dedicated to bringing awareness to diabetes. My dad recently got diagnosed so supporting this cause definitely means a lot to me. Donate here!

•Other events to do/attend: zoo, aquarium, visit an art museum, go to sixflags, attend my annual family reunion.

•Capture more memories, go to a drive-in cinema, read a good book or two (currently reading Soar’ by: TD Jakes), roller skating, biking, make a new friend, attend a sip & paint event, and try a soca fitness class.

4.) Good Eats

This summer I want to get serious with eating clean. I workout with a personal trainer but a healthy diet is also important to maintain if I want faster and better results so it’s going to be all about meal prepping and fruit & veggie smoothies.

• Next, I want to try out Thai & Ethiopian food.

Most specifically, I want to try “Buna”- an Ethiopian style coffee:

“key wat”- a spicy Ethiopian beef stew:

and “doro wat”- a spiced Ethiopian chicken stew:

Thai rolled ice cream:

• Explore vegan options (one vegan restaurant I have my eye on is called: ‘Breaking Bread’ that happens to be a black owned family restaurant in Baltimore)

Visit my brothers coffee shop: ‘Nubohemia’ in downtown Baltimore. If you want a good cup of coffee, love art & good music..this is the place for you. Events and parties are also held here. Check out Nubohemia!

• Lastly, check out R.House (a huge warehouse in Baltimore with a dozen of restaurants inside) mostly for their brunch spots. Check it out here!

5.) Travel

I’m really looking forward to:

• My family trip to Miami.

• Having a beach day, maybe in Ocean City, MD.

• Weekend getaway to Jacksonville, FL

Going to Raleigh,NC for the DreamVille fest.

• Visiting New York for Afropunk Fest & the West Indies Parade.

6.) Beauty

• I’ve been transitioning back to natural for a little over 2 years now & I’ve been protective stylin’ it up and I really want to give my hair a break from Braids (maybe even for good).

A deep curly wig will be my go-to. Simply put it on and take it right off at the end of the day! Here’s an idea of what I want:

• Save money by doing my own nails/manis (I’m leaving the pedicures up to the professionals though), try brow tinting by: The Loft, have my lashes slayed by: My Lash Gal and purchase some cute head wraps. Check out these beautiful wraps!

• I’m not that into makeup but I like a nice lippie from time to time, so ‘Fenty Beauty’ can just have all my damn coins! ‘Stunna Lip Paint’ and the ‘Plush Matte Lipstick: Full Collection’ I’m coming for ya!

• For my new skincare necessities: ‘NolaSkin Essentials’ is IT! I’ve been seeing ads all over my IG and Facebook for this company. Their products are all natural, vegan and cruelty free suited for all skin types so I’m excited to try them out and give a review on them. Get Your Skin Essentials!

•While reading through Essence magazine, I came across LoveCollins, a business that sells some really pretty sunglasses/accessories and they’re also affordable! Here are all the pairs I fell in love with:

7.) Ways to Slayyyy

I can’t forget: self care. It’s very easy for me to become drained after constantly being out and about and surrounded by people, so I will most def remember to take as many mental breaks that I need in order to recharge.

• Spend less time on social media. Just put the damn phone down!

• Go thrifting for some cool vintage clothing pieces.

• Get a new tattoo and piercing. I really want a serotonin tattoo to symbolize mental health/depression.

• Try to blog more before I start classes again in the Fall.


Feel free to comment what your summer plans are and to let me know if you’ll be attending or doing any of the activities I listed above 🙂